Children's Parties

Donkeys for children's parties

Donkeys for children's parties in Chelmsford

Make your child's birthday special

Why not turn your child’s birthday into a fun event to be remembered and cherished for years to come? We are sure your son or daughter – plus all their friends of course! – will love spending time with our well-trained donkeys, petting them and riding them in a safe, friendly environment.

Calm and gentle animals

Our donkeys are calm, gentle and can adjust to noisy environments. They are comfortable around people and don't create any hassle for our customers. Apart from riding on them, children can also stroke the donkeys’ coats, cuddle them and even plait their manes. They can learn a lot from these gentle animals.
Calm and gentle animals
hired donkey

We care for your safety

At Riffhams Donkeys, we believe the safety of our customers is of utmost importance. Our donkeys will be saddled to give every rider a comfortable experience. We also provide tough rider hats or helmets.
Our team members will supervise the hired donkey and ensure that your child's birthday is celebrated without any hassle.
Donkeys for children’s parties are available in Chelmsford, Essex and Kent. Call Riffhams Donkeys on 01245 226 986 / 07587 154 185
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